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The Vagrant Gimp Podcast with Mela Shea

Dec 30, 2020

Cross promoting my OTHER podcast, the Gimp & Gabby Show

Dec 10, 2020

Ashley is the host of the Divine Dingo Podcast. You can hear me there next week!

Find Ashley on IG @divine.dingo and by email

Nov 27, 2020

A Thanksgiving day podcast with my friend Vee I-Something and my boyfriend Kevin Afflerbach

Nov 20, 2020

My good friend Tres Miah is an award winning writer and producer and he has a lot to say so gather 'round and listen carefully to the wisdom herein. 


Nov 14, 2020

The awe inspiring Lakisha Williams, comedian and friend of the Vagrant Gimp Podcast returns and we talk about humanity and being human. and I try to convince her she's a starseed. 

The crinkling you hear in the beginning is me opening up a protien shake. 

Find Lakisha on IG @lakishathestar

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