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The Vagrant Gimp Podcast with Mela Shea

Apr 28, 2020

Welcome my boyfriend, Kevin Afflerbach to the podcast today. We talk about his childhood, including the time he set his parents bed on fire. This episode includes discussion of drug use and childhood trauma. Not for sensitive listeners.

You can find Mela on various social media platforms.


Apr 21, 2020

Welcome my friend Vee I-Something to the Vagrant Gimp podcast. We talk about being born in a refugee camp, BDSM, attempted rape, self defense and more!

Find Vee on Facebook at Vee I-Something

Find Mela:

IG: @melashea1
Snap: @melashea19
Twitter: @melashea

Apr 21, 2020

Vagrant Gimp is a podcast hosted by stand up comedian Mela Shea. The podcast is named after a memoir she wrote also called Vagrant Gimp (available on Amazon).

This podcast is NOT for sensitive listeners. We discuss topics such as Suicidal ideation, rape, assault, gender identity, drug use, etc.

You can find Mela on...